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We are selling the private email for business and enterprise accounts which is far better than normal email in existing hosting because it is included also the file sharing, file storage and collaboration tools such as docs, spreadsheet editing or even chatting for team.

Don't forget checkout our Business Plan and Enterprise Plan.

Beside, here is the info of how you can configure your email with the plan.

OX mailbox setup on Android (no ActiveSync)

  • Go to Settings tile on your phone. Select Accounts, then Add Account.
  • Click on Email
  • Enter your Username (your Email address) and Password
  • Click on Manual Setup, then IMAP
  • Fill-in the following fields:
Email Address
- Username (your Email address)
- Password
- IMAP server – imap.{yourdomainname}.com
- Security Type – TLS (Accept all certificates)
- Port – 143
  • Click on Next
  • Fill-in the following fields:
- SMTP server – smtp.{yourdomainname}.com
- Security Type – None
- Port – 587
- Require sign-in – checked
- Username (your Email address)
- Password
  • Click on Next. Choose your preferred account options. Next and Done.
  • You can now access your mailbox via Email tile on your phone.

OX mailbox setup on iPhone (no ActiveSync)

In order to setup your OX mailbox on iPhone, please:
  • Go to Settings tile on your iPhone. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Click on Add Account. Select option other from the list, then Add Mail Account
  • Fill-in the required information:
- Choose a Name for your OX mail
- Enter your OX Email address
- Enter your Password
- Choose Description for your mail account
- Click on Next
  • Fill-in the required information under IMAP page. Some of it is already pre-filled.
  • Under Incoming Mail Server section input the:
- Host Name – imap.{yourdomainname} (so if your customers are logging into myname.cloud4pro.com the hostname will be imap.myname.cloud4pro.com)
- User Name – your email address
- Password – your password
  • Under Outgoing Mail Server section input the:
Host Name – smtp.{yourdomainname}
- User Name – your email address
- Password – your password
Note: Even the “Optional” fields have to be filled-in.
  • Click on Next, then Save.
  • You can now access your mailbox via Mail tile on your iPhone.

OX mailbox setup on Outlook Client (via IMAP)

If you want to add a new profile for your mailbox, go to:
  • Control Panel on your machine
  • Choose Mail option from the list and click on Show Profiles
  • Click on Add, enter your Profile Name and click on OK
If you want to add mailbox to an already existing Outlook profile, go to:
  • Your Outlook client
  • Click on File tab and Add Account
IMAP configuration
  • Choose “Manual setup or additional server types” option
  • Select POP or IMAP
  • Fill-in the required information:
Your Name
Email Address
Account Type – IMAP
Incoming mail server –  mail.luxcloud.net
Outgoing mail server – mail.luxcloud.net
User Name (your email address)
  • Click on More Settings and go to Outgoing Server tab.
  • Make sure “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” option is selected.
  • Go to Advanced tab and fill-in the following details:
  • IMAP - port 143, connection TLS
  • SMTP - port 587, connection None
  •  Click on OK, then Next.
  • Please click on Continue, if you receive any certificate notifications.
  • Close the pop-up window and click on Finish.
NOTE: This configuration is for the normal Open-Xchange product.

More setup see at: https://support.mailhostbox.com/configure-your-desktop-email-clients-to-send-and-receive-email/
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