[TIPS] Check Your Website Infection

That's very important to check your website infection regularly as this can be happened whenever you usually use the script from opensource such as WordPress, Joomla or other script from Internet that may not safe.

And one more thing, you should not miss to setup your website to support SSL (https://) protocol also help your website safe enough on some attack. You can find the way to do it at our hosting with this article.

To keep checking your website, in our CPanel (Linux hosting), we have a tool: Virus Scanner, which is also a handy tool to help you to find out most of infected scripts and then you can fix it yourself:

Be caution that the fix will just try to clean the infected script but mostly the script might already modified the original script that after the cleaning it may not come back to original state that's why you need to have your backup to replace it.

If you have a website in WordPress, you can follow this step:

  1. Replace wordpress with fresh files from download 
  2. Also download manually the plugins you use and replace them with the fresh install 
  3. Check your theme and check the site if it's working properly

If your website is too big, the cpanel cannot handle, please backup them all and make a scan from your machine with an Internet security antivirus.

Hope this will help you guys safe and secure your website.

Make it possible and accessible online with AngkorHost.
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