Tips: Checklist when you don't receive an email

Most of the case, as user, we also need to aware on some procedure to check in case, you expect to have received an email but it won't.

Not receiving an email, checklist:

1. Check Junk E-mail folder
2. Search for messages received Today
3. Check virus scanner or 3rd party anti-spam tools
4. Collecting your mail on multiple computers or a mobile phone
5. Check your web based mailbox
6. Have the sender check the Outbox
7. Have the sender send to another address
8. Have the sender check for bounce messages
9. Contact your ISP or mail administrator

Detail read at: MSOutlook.INFO

If out of above, you can reach to us (in point 9.) with following information:
a. Subject of the email that has issue
b. Who sent the email (sender)
c. Sent to which email (your companies, receivers)
d. Date of the email sent and also time if any

In next, if still cannot find out, technically, we need following details:
a. Date and timeline of the email sent across to account.
b. Mail server logs generated on remote servers, indicating successful/non-successful connections to our servers.
c. Message header of sent email from remote clients.
d. Connecting Server IP(s) or range or subnet.
e. Bounce-back or error message generated on remote server sender end (if any).

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