[TIPS] Install Let's Encrypt on Shared or Any Hosting in AngkorHost

Here, we would like to show how easy to get Let's Encrypt Certificate or to install Let's Encrypt in AngkorHost hosting cpanel.

You can use this steps to do for all of our shared hosting, shared cloud hosting with cpanel by using generator of Let's Encrypt: ZeroSSL.

#1 Go To ZeroSSL.com

ZeroSSL is a website that will help you generate free let’s encrypt certificate for your domain name.

#2 Go To Free SSL Certificate Wizard And Generate CSR

To have the SSL Certificate, you need to have request certificate which is called Account CSR.
In ZeroSSL, you can generate CSR and then generate the account key by this link.

So, at the right box, CSR, if you already have it just paste it over there but if you're new, just type out your domain sub-domain that you want to request such as (separated by space):

domain.com www.domain.com mail.domain.com myabc.domain.com

Then click Next, it will start to generate CSR, wait until it's finished

After CSR generated, now again click Next, this will generate the Account Private key for you in the SSL wizard.

You can download the CSR and Account key:
  • CSR (domain-csr.txt)
  • Account Key (account-key.txt)

#3 Cpanel: Upload the Private Key

Go to your cpanel and search for SSL/TLS in security tab of AngkorHost cpanel, then click the first option: Private Keys (KEY).

Now paste your Generated Private Key on the Upload a New Private Key Section. as shown below and click Save

And then go back to current screen of ZeroSSL to continue next step.

#4 Upload The Certificates to Respective Folders 

After Account Private Key has been uploaded, on current wizard of ZeroSSL, click Next, it will generate the HTTP verification file, one per each domain/sub domain you stated in Request CSR.

Download each one of them and go to cpanel and create following folders:
  • <webroot>/.well-known
  • <webroot>/.well-known/acme-challenge
Place the files you just downloaded to verify your domain.

Go back to the SSL certificate wizard and click Next,  if you uploaded your files correctly into the appropriate folders, Now it will generate Private keys and CTRs for you to upload the SSL on your Server.

Download as above screen and keep the file:
  • domain-crt.txt : Domain CRT + CA Bundle
  • domain-key.txt : Domain SSL private key

#5 CPanel: Install the Let’s Encrypt SSL

Now go to the c-panel and go to SSL/TLS  once again, this time click on Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS). now select your Domain name from the drop-down menu and paste all your copied codes in the respective Box. and install the SSL certificate. and give some 5 – 10 min for the SSL to activate.

NOTE: The first Box has two different code, one is CTR and another one is Certificate Authority Bundle, so copy the codes from the first box and go to Hostgator and paste the first half in the CTR box and the other half in the Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE) box, and then copy the private key from the second box and paste it in the private key box, and go down and click Install.


1. If you have existing certificate, you can remove first

2. Let's Encrypt Certificate only valid for 90 days so before expire, you need to renew the certificate by using LE Key (account-key.txt) + Request CSR (domain-csr.txt) and go to ZeroSSL and paste two of them to get a new certificate and update it as point 1. above.
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